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Jetwood Flooring

Jetwood Laminate Flooring In Penang: High Quality And Luxurious Laminate Flooring

Jetwood-Flooring-02Why You Should Select Jetwood Laminate Flooring in Penang?

There are a lot of reasons why choosing Jetwood Laminate Flooring in Penang is the best decision you will ever make. First it is one of the top manufacturers of flooring material in Thailand. Almost all of the flooring products that are produced by them are luxurious materials that many individuals love to have in their homes.

The floors that are produced by the company are of a high quality.

Thailand hardwood materials are used by the company to manufacture the floors. Due to the high quality nature of Thailand hardwoods, Jetwood laminate flooring floors are long lasting.

The Following Are Parts Of Jetwood Laminate Flooring

Overlaying Film

The company uses of European overlay technology to manufacture high quality floors that resists any impact or scratch forces that may lead to the floor wearing out after its installation in your house.

Decorative Film

The decorative film used is of a 100% European origin. If you are a lover of wood surfaces, you should be pleased to know that it will give your house the most authentic wood look.

High Density Fiberboard (HDF)

The high density fiber board is manufactured using the latest German technology. This ensures that the fiber board is stable and lasts for a long time after it has been installed in your house.

Balancing Film

A special type of melamine is used to make the balancing film, It ensures that the balancing film provides a perfect moisture barrier that will ensure that your floor will not be affected by moisture. The balancing film also ensures that your floor is dimensionally stable.

Types Of Jetwood Flooring

Standard Series
Standard Series

Elegant Series
Elegant Series


Luxury Series
Luxury Series


The strain that is provided by Jetwood laminate flooring has a 15 year warranty. This ensures that you will enjoy a floor free from color fade, cigarette burn, strains and damage caused by termites. The company provides a 5 year warranty against the floor being damaged by termites.. The company’s floors are also water resistant and also highly resistant against edge wear.


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