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Floor Types

Laminate Flooring Services For Penang

laminate-floor-type-01Laminate flooring is fast growing in popularity as more and more people realize that appearance is vital, both to the home and the business. For the home, it brings out a relaxing feeling, bringing out the essence of a home. To a business on the other hand, it boosts professionalism and offers support in the competition.

For home and office owners in Penang, we offer all laminate floor types professionally and at an affordable price.

Our Laminate Flooring Types


Laminated Timber Flooring

Timber is popular with many people as it is not common and also comes with a natural beauty. Consequently, it is also expensive and unsuitable for certain places. However, laminated timber flooring eliminates both hurdles. It consists of three layers. The first is a thin and water-tight film, which boosts support in the board. The core layer on the other hand is made of a medium density board that is also waterproof. The outer layer is then a high-resolution photographic image of natural timber.
These layers are then covered by a mixture of melamine and aluminium oxide. They are then sealed together under heat and pressure and laminated. The end result is a beautiful and polished appearance which is not only strong but also scratch resistant.


Laminate Wood Flooring

Just like timber, laminate wood flooring is designed to bring out the natural look of wood better and offer a highly durable surface. It is also made of three layers all meant to serve the same purposes as in laminated timber flooring. It is thus water-proof, highly durable and has a polished look that brings out a feeling of elegance. The photographic image however is that of wood, and the clarity in the image brings out a natural appearance of wood.


Dark Laminate Flooring

For people who find the elegance in dark colours, our dark laminate flooring should serve the purpose gracefully. The darkness behind the polished surface gives it a somewhat galaxias appearance, and does a great job of complementing other house and office furniture, especially if they are bright.


Laminate Vinyl Flooring

To offer home and office owners the appearance and durability that comes with vinyl, we also offer laminate vinyl flooring. The surface is just as durable, and smooth and polished, giving the vinyl appearance a sparkle.


laminate-floor-type-03In as much as laminate floor types are a guaranteed beauty and a reliable surface, it largely depends on how well they are designed and installed. We specialise solely on laminate flooring, and put years of experience, skill and passion into our designs. As such, you are guaranteed great quality services and designs which will perfectly complement your office and/or home. Installation will be done quickly and perfectly by our team of professionals, and all at very affordable prices.

Call now to give your place a natural and polished look guaranteed to serve you for a long time to come.

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