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Laminated Timber Flooring

Why You Need Laminated Timber FlooringĀ 

laminate-timber-flooring-02Laminated timber flooring, also known as floating wood tile is a multi-layer synthetic flooring product that is fused together with a lamination process. It stimulates wood or stone with a photographic application later under a clear protective layer. The inside core layer is made of fibre board materials and melamine resin. Laminate timber flooring has grown in popularity because it is easy to install and maintain as compared with traditional surfaces.

Benefits of Laminated Timber Flooring

  • Laminated timber flooring is less expensive per square metre as compared to engineered or solid timber. When the installation costs are calculated, it is still way cheaper.
  • There are no precious natural timber resources used in the manufacturing of laminated timber flooring.
  • Interlocking laminate wood flooring tiles do not warp, shrink or crack.
  • It is extremely durable and you do not have to re-polish or strip your flooring.
  • You can choose between designer colours and timber replica not that are not available in solid veneer or timber.
  • It is reasonably hygienic.

Laminate timber flooring has a layered construction for longevity and comes in fabulous designs which capture the textures and looks of real wood. To ensure our customers’satisfaction, our laminate wood flooring is made up of four distinctive layers;

Wear Layer

This a clear top layer which provides resistance to fading and stains.

Design Layer

This is a high resolution and highly detailed photographic image which captures the look of genuine wood realistically.

Inner Core

This is a high density fibreboard made from wood fibres that have been fused with resin. It is hard, strong and dense and keeps the board flat, stable and moisture resistant.


This is a moisture barrier backing which protects the floor against warping.

Laminate Timber Looks
If you are in search of a wood floor with a limited budget, you should consider a laminated timber flooring. With the latest technologies, we manufacture laminated wood floors that exactly resemble real wood. They offer the same graining, staining and even texture. You can choose the design that best suits you from the wide variety we have.

laminate-timber-flooring-04Laminate Timber Flooring Installation
We have well trained experts who will do the perfect job. They will help you identify the size and amount of strips required for the area you would like to floor. Since the price and quality of laminate wood flooring differs depending on the thickness of the core boards, our experts will help you settle on the right price and quality. We also do repairs in case of arising problems. Please do not hesitate to contact us even for general questions.

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